The Key Tenets of Servant Leadership that will Transform your Work Culture

Servant Leadership HeaderMarcel Schwantes will introduce key concepts from his nationally acclaimed servant leadership curriculum to this joint Feb. 7 meeting of the PRSA Lookout Chapter and the Leadership Chattanooga Alumni Association.

Nationally recognized for his innovative training, Schwantes will present how to optimize your leadership potential.

According to Schwantes, whether you’re a department manager or community volunteer, everyone has the potential to be a leader in their workplace, professional organization, and community. Strong leadership is built on a foundation of trust, which is essential to maintaining professional relationships.

The program will feature his two-step framework of the key tenets of leadership. The first part of the lesson is centered on the universal human need for emotional connection and how leaders can effectively create a bond and maintain loyalty. The second part involves key leadership and cultural behaviors that develop leadership skills and transform cultures. Using six evidence-based tenets of servant leadership that lead to optimum organizational health, attendees will learn how to provide direction that will shape their workplace and community.

Marcel Schwantes is an expert in the area of helping leaders develop exceptional work cultures; more specifically, Servant Leadership cultures. He is an entrepreneur, executive coach, columnist and keynote speaker. He has been featured on Inc., Time, Yahoo!, Business Insider, Thrive Global, The Muse and Chicago Tribune.

Learn more about Marcel Schwantes here.

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