Patching the Cracks of Ethics Accountability: A Case Study


Whether confronting a highly publicized issue such as the Harvey Weinstein sexual-harassment allegation case or a less visible matter within a private organization, a whistleblower is often initially condemned as “difficult,” “a squeaky wheel,” “problem child,” or worse . . . until the issue gains critical mass of awareness and corroborating support that backs up their legitimacy. And that’s when the media crisis really begins.

Organizations and industries that fail to provide a framework for ethics accountability can become active enablers of serious problems, which are allowed to fester and ultimately mushroom, threatening the organization itself.

Join us Jan. 10 to learn common pitfalls that confront whistleblowers and organizations alike and how to engage an ethics platform that extends beyond mere lip service to deliver substantive responses (in actions, not just messages) and better outcomes for all stakeholders.


susan final -8Susan Hart, APR, Fellow PRSA, is recently retired after a 35-year career in academic, agency, corporate and consultative public relations environments, in which she managed national and global crisis communications response in highly volatile industries. A past president of PRSA’s Nashville Chapter and a current leader in PRSA’s College of Fellows, Susan daily applies a key theme from her career, constantly asking herself and others, “but is it right?”








MBW -- Oct. 2015Mary Beth West, APR, Fellow PRSA, has managed her Greater Knoxville-based public relations firm for 15 years, with a prior 10-year career in corporate and financial communications. A past national board member of PRSA, Mary Beth focuses on helping clients align their messages and aspirational communications themes with actual values, culture and decision-making that advance brand credibility and build truthful relationships with diverse people.






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